Upcoming Events

NJD Frozen 3v3 Adult Tournament Join us after Thanksgiving for a fun and fast-paced Adult 3v3 Tournament! All games are played cross-ice, and every team is guaranteed a 3-game minimum. Games will consist of 3 skaters and a goalie on the ice for each team, battling it out for two 12-minute running-time periods! Team entry fee is only $375! FREE PARKING! Contact jverrico@prucenter.com for more information or to reserve you team’s spot today! 


SKATE & SHOOT Skate and Shoot sessions provide players with the unique opportunity to practice their individual hockey skills on the same rink used by the New Jersey Devils. Participants may use this time to work on their skating, shooting, stick handling, conditioning, or any other aspect of their game that they wish to improve. Skate & Shoot sessions are intended for individual skills development, and are not to be used as team practices (for information on renting ice for team practices or games, please contact Sean Prince at sprince@prucenter.com)

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$15 per skater
Please Note: Any skater under age 10 must be accompanied on the ice by an adult chaperone

FREE PARKING (your ticket will be validated)

General Rules & Requirements
• Protective equipment is required for all ages. Each player is personally responsible for wearing protective equipment for all activities on the ice. Such equipment shall include:
o Skates
o Helmet with at least a half visor or cage
o Stick
o Pucks
o Gloves
o Shin Guards
o Elbow Pads
o Shoulder Pads
• All children between the ages of 10-18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
• Session times are determined by the rink and are subject to availability
• Behavior and activities on the ice must not interfere with the use of the ice by others
• No games or scrimmages are allowed on the ice during Skate and Shoot sessions
• No hitting or checking
• Private lessons are not allowed during Skate & Shoot sessions
• Maximum of 20 players are allowed on the ice at one time
• All individuals (including adult players, child players, and adult chaperones) must sign a waiver before stepping on the ice during Skate and Shoot sessions
• All BHHH Rules must be observed at all times. Rule violations may result in expulsion from BHHH