COVID-19 Guidelines


We are all looking forward to welcoming you back to the RWJ Barnabas Health Hockey House (RWJBHHH). Your return to RWJBHHH will bring with it some new protocols and policies. These guidelines, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, are deeply rooted in our concern for the health and safety of our staff, activities participants, our guests, and our community. Our goal is to accommodate everyone’s needs to the best of our ability, while taking care that all who enter our facility feel safe and comfortable.

Our policies and procedures for reopening are based on the mandates and guidelines of federal, state, and local authorities and agencies regarding safe operations. Because the COVID-19 situation is ever-changing, our policies and procedures will be updated as new information and guidelines become available, but we also expect that you will be familiarizing yourself with the most recent updates about the COVID-19 pandemic during these challenging times, a summary of which is provided for you here:

RWJBHHH commits to the following for everyone’s protection:

● We will clean and disinfect RWJBHHH at regular intervals
● We will screen all who enter for temperatures, COVID-19 symptoms, and possible exposure
● We will require that face masks be worn by all who enter the facility (with limited on-ice exceptions)
● We will require social distancing
● We will require that anyone who may be experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms refrain from entering our facility

We ask all who enter RWJBHHH commits to the following for everyone’s protection:

● Participate in COVID-19 screening on arrival. (Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at check-in)
● Wear face masks as required
● Follow basic hygiene practices, including regular hand washing
● Wear face coverings as required and practice social distancing
● Follow all signage instructions
● Do not enter or remain at the facility if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
● Notify a RWJBHHH staff member if you are or have experienced any COVID-19 related symptoms, exposure, or diagnosis

  • Prior to coming to RWJBHHH, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following facility protocols:

    Upon Entrance
    Everyone entering the facility agrees to the following:
    • Required to wear a mask and masks must remain on throughout the duration of your stay
    • Players will not be required to wear masks on the ice, but they must have masks on while entering, changing, and exiting the facility
    • Required to sign a waiver acknowledging that exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk and that RWJBHHH cannot guarantee individuals will not be exposed during their time in the facility
    • Required to pass a temperature screening. Anyone with a temperature above 99.5 will not be allowed in the facility
    • Required to sign-in to the facility; including name, contact info, and time in/out in order to facilitate contact tracing in the event of a positive test
    • Required to follow all signage throughout the facility, including directional markings, social distancing markings, and capacities

Capacity & Social Distancing
• RWJBHHH will be enforcing a strict capacity maximum of 25 total people in the building.
• This number can be reduced at any time if proper social distancing is not being maintained
• Players, families, and coaches will be required to maintain proper social distance (at least 6 feet) from others throughout the facility, including on the ice and on benches
• Locker rooms, changing areas and bathrooms will have updated capacity restrictions which will be posted outside of each location
• Social distancing must be practiced by all players sitting on the player benches. Additional seating will be provided behind the benches if needed

• Players, families, and coaches will not be permitted to enter the facility until no more than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event. Guests arriving earlier than this will be required to wait outside the main entrance and must maintain social distancing. We encourage anyone arriving early to wait in their vehicles until the appropriate time
• Before entering the ice surface, incoming players are to line up underneath the bleachers by the benches until the ice resurfacer is off the ice and the doors and fully closed in order to minimize cross traffic and contact with other teams exiting the ice. If players or coaches are in a locker room, we encourage them to wait there instead of lining up
• All players and coaches are to exit the ice immediately once their session has ended. Players and coaches using locker rooms must go directly to their locker rooms, while all others are to remove skates and exit the facility. No one will be permitted to remain on the benches once the ice resurfacer has entered the ice

• Hand sanitizer and disinfect wipes will be available in locations throughout the facility
• Face masks and other PPE will be available on an as-needed basis only and otherwise is required to be supplied by each individual

• All teams, groups, coaches, and players are required to bring all their own gear and supplies to games and practices. RWJBHHH will not supply pucks, sticks, on-ice training equipment, or any other form of hockey gear to anyone for any reason
• Players and coaches will not be permitted to leave their bags and equipment anywhere in the facility for any duration of time. All bags and equipment are to leave the facility as soon as the scheduled activity is over. This also applies to dropping equipment off early

Rink Amenities
• The Snack Shop and Pro Shop will be closed until further notice
• All water fountains in the facility have been shut off
• All players and coaches are responsible for bringing their own food and drinks to facility
Cleaning and Disinfecting
• All areas of the facility will undergo a daily deep cleaning and disinfecting process
• Locker rooms, benches, seating, and other necessary areas will be cleaned and sanitized after each session
• Lobby and rink seating, counters, table-tops, etc. will all be cleaned in regular intervals throughout the day

Other Protocols
• All possible doors will be propped open to minimize contact
• We ask that all players dress in as much of their hockey equipment as possible prior to arriving at the facility. Locker rooms with reduced capacities will still remain available to teams and players who need them, but we strongly encourage all players and coaches to arrive as dressed as possible
• No one will be permitted to shower in the facility until further notice
• No congregating or meetings will be permitted in the lobby or other general areas